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Thoughts on the General Decay of the Times

I was thinking about Al's "Dockmaster's Ball" of a few years ago and his desire to see all men of the marina in blue blazers and white duck, and the women in cocktail dresses, and it occured to me that, sartorially, we live in a benighted age. Most Neuse River sailors would be hard pressed to conjur up one of those Greek Fisherman's Caps that they advertise in the New Yorker, much less an Owner's Cap, of extra fine quality of dark blue broadcloth, satin lined, with mohair band, and drooping cloth-covered braided visor, and with leather inside band. And who among us even knows what a guernsey is, except that it is something like a jersey?

And this, my friend, is crew.

Really, isn't it time for us to up our game? Gangsta shorts that come down below the knees, a ripped and stinking t-shirt sporting an advertisement for a defunct auto-parts chain, and some kind of bizarre conical woven hat that looks like part of a Lord of the Rings role-playing game...a real sailors doesn't dress like that, a real sailor wears a matching set of White Duck Working Jumper, White Duck Working Trousers with draw string at waist, and White Duck Hat of same material as Jumper and Trousers - unless of course he is the owner, when he wears, at all times, a correct regulation uniform for All Yacht Clubs made of dark blue cloth or serge, with black rubber buttons, with braiding on sleeves to indicate rank.

I'm not suggesting that we of degenerate profile and slouching posture can ever hope to return to the grand old days of owners, members and crew, but COULDN'T WE DO BETTER? I mean, for Al's sake....

If you're not sure, perusal of this catalog will help you to do the right thing: W.A. Raymold, Yacht Uniforms and Furnishings.

Dockmaster's Ball 2008.