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Cape Dory 25 Bulkhead Separation

Bulkhead separation is not unknown on Cape Dory 25s, the last of which was built in 1982, and my 1977 model has suffered from a separated port side main bulkhead from the time I bought it. Over the years, it has just gotten worse, and recently I decided to attempt a repair, or at least try to stabilize the problem.
I used a jack post set between the bulkhead and the starboard cabin liner to force the bulkhead back into place. I put a spacer along the bulkhead to spread the force...
...and padded the liner to avoid cracking it.
I found that a few taps with the hammer, followed by a turn or two on the jack, would slowly move the bulkhead.
In the end, I wasn't able to jack the bulkhead all the way back in place, but I got it closer and placed a block so that it should stay where it is now. If I still own the boat this summer, I may try to move it the rest of the way. Once everything heats up in the July sun, it might move easier.