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Awesome Typhoon Conversion

Murphy, NC boatbuilder Bruce Mierke, creator of Palmetto, a Sam Devlin designed trailerable ICW runner, and Arabella, a radical Dudley Dix gaff-rigged, lifting-keel racer, sent me an email: "A year ago I found a CD typhoon in very bad shape. I bought her and totally gutted her down to bare hull, then rebuilt as an open daysailer".

All photographs courtesy Bruce Mierke. Comments are mine.

Here is what comes out of a Typhoon when you completely gut her. Looks like the forepeak cuddy, cockpit seats, lazarette, and a bunch of rotten plywood.

And here is the substantial, heavily-built hull with encapsulated ballast.

Foredecks, side-decks and new lazarette, along with framing for cockpit seats and a well for, I'm guessing, access to the bilge. Oh yes, a cross-member for the traveler.

Beautiful plywood, glass and gel-coat work, accenting brightwork and lots of access ports.

Rubrails to help protect the beautifully-finished topsides. Every boat should have 'em. Pacific Seacrafts do, and a few other of the best brands. Someday I will make a set for Terry Ann.

The boat has a name and a hailing port.

Taking the sun in front of Bruce's shop in the mountains of North Carolina. Looks like a Torqueedo jutting down from the stern, no doubt liftable like the one on Arabella, to reduce drag and get the last bit of extra advantage for racing.

Bruce tells me that Omar Sails & Rigging of New Bern are making custom sails for the boat, which will sport a 4 foot taller mast and 20 square feet more sail area than the original Typhoon. Willow should prove a competitive entry in the Oriental races this summer. With Carl Alberg's lines and Bruce's craftmanship, the boat can't help but be the prettiest one out there.

Posted 2/5/23. Text by Paul Clayton, photographs by Bruce Mierke.

Copyright © 2023 Paul M. Clayton, Bruce Mierke.