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Teeter's Family Campground

200 British Cemetery Road
Ocracoke, NC 27960

I don't usually review commercial campgrounds but special circumstances make this one an exception. Teeter's is a family owned facility right in the middle of the town of Ocracoke. Marie and I made an early April trip to the Outer Banks and found that all the National Seashore Campgrounds were still closed for the winter. While Teeter's doesn't stay open year round, they do open in early March, which makes it possible to visit the Banks in the spring - one of the best times to be there. Consider that the temperatures are mild, the bugs are still hibernating, and the tourist press is not yet at full-force, and you can see why we like to visit Ocracoke in the spring.

The town of Ocracoke is small enough to cover on foot. From our campsite, we could sally out in the morning to our favorite coffee shop, visit a gallery or two, stop in at the library, walk down to the ferry landing and National Park Service Visitor Center, circle Silver Lake to the lighthouse, hike the trail through the Land Trust property, and be back in camp in time for lunch - all without starting the truck.

While the campsites are quite small and close together, we found relatively few sites taken on our April visit. High season might be another matter. I think I would rather be at one of the Park Service campgrounds in summer, not just due to the lesser densities, but also to pick up a little bit of sea breeze. But my experience is that the Banks in summer are a bug-ridden, superheated place prone to monstrous destructive thunderstorms. Much better to visit in April...