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Valor is for Sale -- My Cape Dory 25 Valor is for sale to make room for a bigger boat that I could take long-distance cruising. She's been a fine day-sailor and I've taken a number of longer trips on her as well, but she's not the ticket for weeks or months-long trips, which I hope to take once I retire. So, anybody looking for a good sailable CD25? Asking price $3,500. Details here. Email me at

Oregon Inlet Reopened with Restrictions -- As of April 2nd, 2015, the Coast Guard has reopened the inlet to boats of no more than 5 feet of draft. This means most of the charter fleet is back in business. Story at The Outer Banks Voice.

Cori's Slayin' 'Em -- Dale sent a note that they are moving back to the north Abacos later in the week. In the meantime, Cori is having a time with the rod and reel. Check out this picture. And this one..

Sailor Rescued Off Cape Hatteras -- German freighter Houston Express found the sailor clinging to the overturned hull of his boat 200 miles east of Cape Hatteras April 2nd, 2015. Details are still sketchy, but according to his family, he left Bucksport Plantation Marina in January and had not been heard from since. While it is not clear at this point how long he was asea, he claimed to have been catching fish to eat and drinking rainwater to survive. For more, see Sailor missing since January found off Cape Hatteras at And thanks Marie for the heads-up on this story.

Minnesott Ferry Crew Rescues Sailor -- The crew of Thomas A. Baum rescued a New Bern sailor after his boat capsized in the river March 29th, 2015. They were able to right his boat and send him on his way. Bravo to the men of our State Ferry Division for coming to the aid of a fellow sailor in distress. NCDOT press release here.

Dredges Dispatched to Oregon Inlet -- The Corps of Engineers has dispatched dredges to reopen the inlet, which was officially closed March 28th, 2015. Island Free Press covers the story here.

Oregon Inlet Closed -- The main channel has been impassible for weeks, and boats have been using unmarked passages closer to shore. The Coast Guard is worried someone will hit a piling and close the bridge, but local fishermen say they can navigate safely. Regardless, as of March 28th, 2015 the Coast Guard has closed the area near the bridge with a penalty of $32,500 for violators, so traffic has come to a halt. Outer Banks Voice has a good article here.

Ferry Runs Aground -- Ferry Silver Lake suffered a grounding near Ocracoke March 14, 2015, after losing steering control. Nobody was hurt, and the ferry was taken in tow to Ocracoke. Full story here.

Legendary sailor Michael Taylor's -- catamaran Wind in the Willows lies in Matthews Point Marina in February 2015. Picture here. The 87 year old Mr. Taylor has made the annual pilgrimage down the east coast and over to the Bahamas for over thirty years and is a well-known fixture of the cruising community. On his Fall 2014 voyage south, Mr. Taylor sought refuge from stormy weather in Clubfoot Creek and while at anchor fell and suffered an injury. The Coast Guard, with the assistance of Matthews Point dockmaster Tom and neighbor Bill, located Mr. Taylor and brought him ashore, where the Harlowe Volunteer Rescue Squad took him to the hospital. Our sources are that the gallant old man has swallowed the anchor and will live out his days ashore .

Oriental In-Water Boat Show -- will be held April 10-12, 2015. New for this year will be an exhibition of newly-built and restored wooden boats. For more information, see the website here.

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